It’s official: McCaskill to challenge Talent for Senate

Claire McCaskill apparently doesn’t remember that she lost the general election to Matt Blunt in November. She’s decided to run against incumbent Senator Jim Talent in 2006. Sure, she took out one-term Bob easily enough in the Democratic primary last year, but the Democratic establishment couldn’t dump him fast enough. Taking on an incumbent Senator with a 48/39 approval to disapproval ratio isn’t quite the same as taking on a Governor so unpopular that he had less than 50 percent approval in his own party.
It’s official: McCaskill to challenge Talent for Senate

The state auditor announced this afternoon that she’ll run for the U.S. Senate in 2006, providing a huge boost to Democrats in Missouri and Washington, D.C., who were looking for a challenger to Republican Jim Talent.

St. Louis Today is running a poll asking:

“At this early stage, who do you favor for U.S. Senate, Jim Talent or Claire McCaskill?”

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