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Tom Rants Default Jeb in '08?

Jeb in '08?

Stephen Bainbridge has narrowed his own preferences for 2008 to 3 (maybe 1? see below).
1. Bush (the Jeb version) 2. Santorum 3. Rice

He’s concerned because he doesn’t know Rice’s stand on abortion. The best information I have is that she’s “reluctantly pro-choice.” I’d have to know specifics to know what that means, but I don’t really see a woman who prays multiple times a day supporting partial birth abortion, etc. In any case, though, it looks like that narrows Bainbridge’s field to 2.

Jeb Bush ruled out running in 2008 on ABC News This Week. “I’m not going to run for president in 2008. That’s not my interest…” I don’t think he’s a Perot and there is noise about a 2006 Senate run. Is President Jeb possible? Yup, but he’ll still be young enough in 2016 and 10 years in the Senate wouldn’t hurt.

So, Santorum for President? Somehow doesn’t sound like a winner…

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