Tom Rants Default Johnnie Cochran and lessons learned

Johnnie Cochran and lessons learned

There is one less warrior standing between citizens and unrestrained government power.

Johnnie Cochran Dead at 67

I found the following regarding Cochran’s most famous trial interesting:

Like much of the trial itself, the resulting acquittal sharply divided Americans along racial lines, with polls showing most blacks believed the verdict was just while a majority of whites felt Simpson had gotten away with murder.

I guess in addition to finding out that I’m a social conservative a few days ago I find out today that I am black. I’m not sure how to square that with the fact that I’m an angry white male. In any case, I thought the verdict was just. I don’t know or care if O. J. Simpson committed the crime and that has no relevance to whether the verdict was just. I felt, granted as an outsider who wasn’t there, that the state failed to make its case and to the extent that it did build a case it was built on tainted evidence. A government that is willing to do that, even to ‘frame a guilty man,’ is far more a threat to the lives and liberties of its citizens than one murderer on the streets. That was an important lesson for the government, for police, for prosecutors, for politicians and for all of us.

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