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Tom Rants Default Katie's Sex Day Camp

Katie's Sex Day Camp

Perhaps the most bizarre thing I’ve seen on prime time TV lately. The Perky Liberal One is shocked by teenagers having hormones.

That these kids consider oral sex to only be “3rd base” seems to have her confused, too. Katie, your buddy Bill told the nation it wasn’t sex, so it’s not 4th base. What did you think it was?

The fatal flaw is in basing a TV special on the opinions and activities of 11 kids whose parents let them attend her sex day camp focus group. Not exactly representative of mainstream American parents, I’d think…

Yahoo! Top Stories – Katie Couric Special Talks About Teen Sex

The special is based on findings from a national survey of teens commissioned by NBC News and People magazine and an open forum Couric conducted with 11 girls and nine boys, ages 13 to 16, in Key Biscayne, Fla.

Kevin at Wizbang has an interesting take on the Katie Sex Camp special and Paris Hilton as Intern.

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