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Tom Rants Default Kerry says he would update military

Kerry says he would update military – National News
“Kerry proposed expanding active-duty forces by 40,000 troops, stressing they would ease the strain on today’s forces, not go to Iraq. The blueprint called for doubling Special Forces for counterterrorism, reconnaissance and intelligence- gathering missions and for updating Pentagon technology. Kerry said the National Guard would be reassigned to homeland security.

Rand Beers, a senior adviser, acknowledged that Kerry’s plan to expand active-duty forces, mostly in the Army, cannot be achieved “overnight.” Beers estimated it would cost $5 billion to $8 billion a year, money that could come from missile defense cuts.”

On it’s face the only problem with this is in paying for it with missile defense cuts. That’s largely unnecessary and since we’re talking about creating 40,000 jobs (plus all the support and defense industry jobs), it would make as much sense or perhaps more to either pay for it by cutting jobs programs or pay for it by cutting marginal tax rates and growing the economy. But that’s all minor…

The central flaw is that what he’s calling a change in strategy is nothing more than adding 40,000 troops to the exact current strategy. This is actually, minus the ridiculous crap of getting rid of the missile defense, the exact same modernization of the military that the Bush administration started when Bush took offcie. It’s more typical Kerry lies. To paraphrase Mark Twain: There are lies, damned lies and anything that comes out of John Kerry’s mouth. Either side.

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