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Tom Rants Default And this makes medical marijuana more necessary?

And this makes medical marijuana more necessary?

Linux News: News: Canada Approves Cannabis-Based Painkiller

Canada has become the first country in the world to approve a cannabis-based painkiller for patients suffering multiple sclerosis, a move applauded by those with the disease and proponents of medical uses for marijuana.

[Emphasis added]

I think if I were a medical pot advocate, I’d be less than enthusiastic about this. The availability of marijuana derived medicines that are presumably less subject to abuse than a prescription for a nickel bag would seem to argue against the need for medical marijuana legalization. If I were a Drug Warrior* in the US Government, I would seriously consider following Canada’s lead on this product, and any other marijuana derived drugs, precisely to eliminate the medical excuse for marijuana legalization.

(But I’m not a Drug Warrior at all. I’m a federalist and a libertarian. I’m torn between the Barry Goldwater view that pot legalization, whether medical or otherwise, should be a state matter and the William F. Buckley view that it should be legalized because ” more people are suffering on account of that war [on marijuana] than would suffer without it.” )


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