Make Poverty History?

Well, maybe not…but you might at least be ablbe to help the guys who created TrendWhore Bracelets avoid it.

Welcome to the home of the trend that is sweeping the nation in aesthetic bracelet wear – TrendWhore Bracelets. You should notice the key word “aesthetic� as these bracelets are exclusively for you to look cool, trendy, and perhaps even a bit drop-dead sexy. The only money that is going to charity is the tip that we leave at Tim Horton’s (so we don’t have to keep two dimes and three pennies in our wallets). Working there is cause enough for charity.

That’s right, you won’t “make poverty history”, cure testicular cancer, elect Democrats or even support magnetic ribbon manufacturers. But you are guaranteed to become 14% more popular. Toss a green ribbon on the back of your SUV and that might even go up to 20%. My problem is that I can’t tell the end-poverty-while-curing-AIDS-and-electing-Democrats bracelets from the sex bracelets.

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