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Massey '36

The Democrats are grooming a Presidential candidate for 2036.


A former US Marine has claimed that he saw American troops in Iraq routinely kill unarmed civilians, including women and children. He said he had also witnessed troops killing injured Iraqi insurgents.

In fashion reminiscent of Genghiz Khan no doubt.

Jimmy Massey, 33, a staff sergeant who served in Iraq before being honourably discharged after 12 years’ service, said he had seen troops shooting civilians at road blocks and in the street. A code of silence, similar to that found in organised crime gangs, prevented troops from speaking about it.

Oh, yeah, and it couldn’t be a case of sour grapes after being dishonorably discharged, could it? Are the embedded reporters part of this code of silence, too? Sure they are.

You know what, I’ve seen Moslem extremists “routinely kill unarmed citizens, including women and children.” Live on TV. The US military has liberal reporters “embedded” with it. If they were routinely killing civilians we would have seen that live on TV, too.

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