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Media bias

Christian News – The Christian Post | Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Medical Marijuana Case

The Supreme Court considered on Monday whether sick people should not be prosecuted under federal law for growing and using marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.

The justices expressed reservations to endorse the medical use of marijuana as they examined a suit brought…

Not exactly. The Supreme Court wasn’t, despite the Christian Post’s assertions, being asked to endorse anything or to simply allow sick people to dope up anywhere in the country with a doctor’s recommendation. The narrow question before the court was whether Congress has the power, under the interstate commerce clause, to regulate personal use of personally grown marijuana in states whose laws specifically allow it or whether this is one of the powers left to the states by the Constitution. Unless you fall into one of two camps, both intellectually dishonest, the answer is a no brainer. The “Christian” Post represents one camp; the leftists who would replace God and family with a federal government that makes all our decisions is another. Interesting and ironic that the “Christian” media and the atheist-leftist media share the same tactic of distortion and dishonesty.

Perhaps the editors of the Christian Post need to take time for a reading of Exodus 20:16 and Romans 13:9.

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