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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default Missouri vote tomorrow

Missouri vote tomorrow

My suggestions, such as they are, with brief reasons:

Governor: Matt Blunt. Really a no-brainer here.
US Senate: Kit Bond (see the right side of my page)
Lieutenant Governor: Pat Secrest. Drove 97,000 miles, visited 96 counties out of 114, good record, shook my hand three years running and asked for my vote at Lincoln Days. She represents the best of grass roots politics and unfortunately faces a political behemoth with the backing of no less than the RNC cochair and El Rushbo but who has done nothing to earn the job.
Treasurer: Not Leutkemeyer – he broker the 11th commandment and he voted to raise income taxes. I’m planning to roll dice and decide between Steelman, Yeckel, Klein and the convicted felon. If Chap Kennedy can be in the Senate, why not a felon as state treasurer?
Attorney General: Dewey Crepeau. If I can’t live in Louisiana, at least it can sound like I do.

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