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Tom Rants Default More Kerry lies

More Kerry lies – AP Washington

You’ve seen Dick Cheney not tell the truth on Iraq, and on his financial connections to Halliburton…..

Kerry: “I’m John Kerry and I approve this message.”

Well, according to the Annenburg Foundation (not by any stretch a conservative outfit) talking about a previous ad with similar false claims:

A Kerry ad implies Cheney has a financial interest in Halliburton and is profiting from the company’s contracts in Iraq. The fact is, Cheney doesn’t gain a penny from Halliburton’s contracts, and almost certainly won’t lose even if Halliburton goes bankrupt.

The ad claims Cheney got $2 million from Halliburton “as vice president,” which is false. Actually, nearly $1.6 million of that was paid before Cheney took office. More importantly, all of it was earned before he was a candidate, when he was the company’s chief executive.

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