Tom Rants Default More Reasons We Don't Need a Federally Funded Google-wannabe

More Reasons We Don't Need a Federally Funded Google-wannabe

I commented last week that I didn’t find it particularly “conservative” to back the Obama-Coburn bill to fund a government run budget search engine. I noted at the time that there were several good private sources for the information and that a plain text copy of the budget put online would allow it to be indexed by the real Google at little cost to taxpayers. Well, things have gotten even better on the private side with the unveiling of an earmarks database for the current proposed budget from Porkbusters. The Porkbusters site also led me to the 2005 Pig Book Summary from Citizens Against Government Waste. Again, I’d trust either of these sources over a search engine run by a federally funded bureaucracy with an inherent conflict of interest.

Speaking of pork, I’m led to wonder whether the proposed federal search engine bureaucracy would find its home in Oklahoma or Illinois.

Pointer from Club for Growth.

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