Newmark's Door: Disaster relief: the private sector can work better

Newmark’s Door has a roundup of several items titled Disaster relief: the private sector can work better. If you haven’t already taken a look, you should. After reading the three pieces he links to, I was left thinking that if only government had done the one job we expect it to – law enforcement – the private sector would have eliminated many of the problems we heard aobut in New Orleans. Wal-Mart was prepared to give away the food off its shelves and send in truckloads more – there was no need for looting. Budweiser sent in trucks of ice and water. Bureaucrats on the other hand, as one might expect from bureaucrats, wanted the sheriff’s office to email them before they sent supplies – the sheriff’s office with no electricity. The conclusion that the federal government should actually have done less is a hard one not to reach.

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