Not Quite An Endorsement, Yet

So, this is not exactly an endorsement yet. More like saying, the field looks a lot better than it did a few days ago.

I’m still a Friend of Ron Paul.

I’m still a lot more impressed with Rudy Giuliani than I was 10 years ago. He’s still got my vote for Most Likely to Follow in Reagan’s Footsteps.

We still haven’t heard from Newt Gingrich, though it’s looking less likely that he’ll be running. Which is bad for both entertainment and intellectual value.

Mike Huckabee’s not all bad when he’s not trying to tax saturated fats or whatever misguided nannystatery he’s up to protecting our health.

Duncan Hunter deserves a cabinet position or an Ambassadorship, whichever he prefers. Or maybe he could be the Cheney that brings gravitas to a ticket headed by a Washington outsider with no foreign policy experience.

But that Arthur Branch always seemed to say the right thing. The guy who played him was pretty savvy, getting a job that only required learning three or four lines a week (and I suspect with a lot of ad libbing), too.

Just to round out the bunch there a few solid “no ways”:

Mitt Romney’s a soulless automaton and that has nothing to do with his religion. With friends like him, who needs enemies.

John McCain, well, do I really even need to say anything. I will anyway. We do owe him a debt of gratitude for his service in Vietnam. And we now owe him a debt of gratitude for the two best things he’s done in his political career – supporting the President recently regarding Iraq and, in the process, removing the biggest threat to free speech in the United States – his own Presidential ambitions.

If Sam Brownback wants to be chief executive of something, he should run a church and get out of government.

We should build a fence around Tom Tancredo.

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