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Number 500

I was number 500 to vote today in my precinct, shouldn’t my vote count extra?

Stood in line about an hour and fifteen minutes and I can’t recall having taken more than 15 minutes to vote before in any SW Missouri precinct.

I was number 500 at 11:30 AM. There are 2,120 total population in town and probably another 1,000 in the precinct in rural areas. That includes kids.

I’m off to work as a poll challenger in another precinct all afternoon. FWIW, that doesn’t have anything to do with stopping minorities from voting. It just means I’ll be sitting with a list of voters, crossing names off and running them to the Republican HQ at5:00 so the callers will know who to call at the last minute to offer rides to the polls, etc.. I understand some judge in Ohio said it’s unconstitutional to cross names off a list as part of getting out the vote, so I voted “No” on retaining all 4 judges that were on the ballot. I know nothing about them, except that they are judges and, apparently, lawyers.

Watch parties tonight. Blogging unlikely.

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