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Obama's Brown Shirts

The Obama campaign has set up a “truth squad” consisting of prosecutors, lawmakers and a sheriff in Missouri to enforce The One’s version of The Truth. There has been literally no coverage of this in national media which are, admittedly, still abuzz with their latest Palin smears.

In a conference call Saturday with reporters from battleground states, Obama national campaign manager David Plouffe said those who spread lies and mistruths about the Illinois senator have to be “held accountable,” but did not elaborate how.

Apparently the “how” is by Claire McCaskill and her gang of goons operating under color of law to deny Missourian’s civil rights. (The goon squad appears to include: St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer.)

There has been a little national coverage, though not near enough, of the Obama campaigns threats to the licenses of TV stations that run a new NRA ad. That ad follows. I’ve also set up all the videos from YouTube’s NRA channel to post each day on my multimedia blog. For those who are interested, I’ve done the same things with both campaigns YouTube videos in my nonpartisan 2008 election site.

You don’t have to be bitter to know Obama is not the kind of change we need:

Blunt, GOP say Obama ‘truth squad’ seeks to squash free speech with police power

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