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Tom Rants Default Commodities broker sacked, mistaken for goose

Commodities broker sacked, mistaken for goose

London Free Press: Business Section – Oil futures pass $55 US for first time

Oil futures prices surged to new heights above $55 US a barrel yesterday…

Oil futures passed $55 US a barrel for the first time amid concerns that the end of the “US driving season” could eliminate at least one excuse for speculative excess created by billionaire Democrat commodity and currency speculators from Hungary.

However, some analysts believe heating-oil supply fears have been somewhat overblown.

Inventories are “not catastrophically low by any means,” said Andrew Lebow, senior vice president at Man Financial, a New York-based brokerage.

Lebow was promptly sacked for not towing the company line and shot in the head by a Presidential candidate returning from Ohio. The candidate, who is also a United States Senator, said “I thought he was a goose….You know, I defended this country in Vietnam as a young man and as a candidate I will defend it from anyone who might try to cool this speculative frenzy before the election.”

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