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Tom Rants Default One stupid Kerry supporter

One stupid Kerry supporter

Saw the following on gmail swap where I was trolling for website links…

A donation of any amount to Voter Fund
Author: Goomba (—
Date: 15-09-04 01:24

I have 6 Gmail invitations right now. In exchange for one, I’d like you to donate any amount you can to the Voter Fund, which educates voters in swing states about the candidates and where they stand.

I support John Kerry. I’m a sophomore in college and have hundreds of thousands of dollars out in loans, and very little pocket money. However, I contributed the $1 in my wallet to the Kerry volunteers out on the streets of Boston, which pays to send people like them into the swing states to change the fate of this country. I also thank the volunteers when I see them.

Sophomore in college and has “hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans”? Damn, Goombah, you are just plain stupid stupid. It’s the start of the school year, so if you were a “normal” sophomore you’d only have one year under your belt. The way I figure it, even at an Ivy League school you’d have to be about a 6th year sophomore and I somehow doubt an Ivy League school would allow that so it looks like you’re a 12th year sophomore at a community college, Goombah.

Now Goombah, given your own level of ignorance, do you really think it’s right for you to be involved in voter “education” projects? Shouldn’t you leave the educating to people a bit better qualified? Like a junior or senior who has limited his debt to maybe the tens of thousands of dollars? Or maybe instead of worrying about voter education you should enroll in a (very) basic personal finance course?

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