Palestinians Invade Egypt

There comes a point when you just lose all sympathy for some people. When they start killing their erstwhile allies, it’s that point.

Two Egyptian border guards were killed and at least 30 wounded when scores of Fatah gunmen opened fire at Egyptian army posts after demolishing parts of the concrete slabs along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, enabling many Palestinians to cross into Egypt.

Eyewitnesses said the gunmen used a bulldozer and explosives to create a hole in the wall. Egyptian border guards and Palestinian Authority policemen fired into the air in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Palestinians from infiltrating into Egypt, they added.

On the other hand, perhaps the Egyptian border guards and Palestinian Authority policemen ought to take a page from the IDF. When you’re being shot at you don’t fire into the air, you shoot to destroy.

Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

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