Tom Rants Default Pat Toomey as OMB Director?

Pat Toomey as OMB Director?

The Club For Growth – Blog says that”

The right side of the blogosphere is chattering up a storm about how Pat Toomey, the Club’s president, should be nominated by President Bush to replace Josh Bolton as OMB Director (Bolton is replacing Andy Card as Bush’s chief of staff).

I guess I missed all the chattering, but it sounds like a great idea to me. It would be a great way for the President to prove he’s serious about getting the spending monster under control. Unfortunately, I don’t think he is. But that’s not the end of the world – the tax monster is under control and it’s far more important to ensure that “deficit reduction” isn’t just a code for “tax increase” than it is to cut spending. Even a reduction in the rate of growth would get us where we need to go so long as tax rates are kept in check and economic growth continues. In fact, that may be the biggest reason someone like Toomey is needed. While he certainly understands that the deficit is a problem, he also understands that a tax increase would be a worse problem.

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