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Physician, Heal Thyself

Before US citizens are asked to surrender another milligram of liberty in the ridiculously named “War on Terror”, the gubmint has some serious ‘splainin to do. It seems that a sailor, with a top secret clearance no less, used government computers to communicate those secrets and the movements of his battle group to terrorist supporters six years ago and the government is just now getting around to charging him with a crime. To top things off, this wasn’t initially investigated by the Navy at all – the terrorist supporters’ location in Britain was raided and that’s where the sailors name came up. Shouldn’t that have happened the other way around – the guy up to no good on a Navy computer gets caught and it leads to the terrorists? Wouldn’t it make sense to deploy the DragonWare Suite on the government’s own networks before using it against citizens? Just the fact that someone was signing his emails “Abujihaad” (father of holy war) ought to be sufficient to trigger some red flags. Does the NSA not bother to check the government’s own communications? Considering that to be effective spies usually have to get on the inside that doesn’t seem to bright.

Abujihaad,Paul R. Hall,USS Benfold

Former Sailor Accused of Providing Data to Terrorist Web Site

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