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I have a nasty cold or a mild flu, I’m not sure which, and plenty of things that I have to do. So I have no energy to write much and am combining several things into one piece.

I think I should change my name to Milton. Milton Berle made it to 93. Milton Friedman died today at 94. Long life and indisputable greatness seem to go with the name. Friedman’s book Free to Choose is squarely in the top five most important books for understanding and promoting personal freedom. If there’s a Cliff’s Notes for Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, it should be required reading for every politician; the full work might be a bit much.

Mel Martinez as head of the GOP. The GOP is scrambling to undo the damage that pandering to bigotry in defiance of Republican principles has done – again. Of course there are genuine concerns regarding immigration. Unfortunately some people worried about those problems didn’t see past them to understand that twisting Mexican immigration into a “homeland security” problem, which it is not and has never been, was a fairly transparent attempt by some to justify racism with fear of terrorism.

I hate the phrase “homeland security”. It reminds me of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Bush was absolutely right to oppose creating a Department of such and the Democrats, friends of civil liberties, were absolutely wrong to force it down his throat. Fortunately with the US federal government it will likely be more of a useless bureaucracy than a powerful tool of fear like the Gestapo or the KGB. That ridiculous pamphlet about duct tape and plastic sheeting gives me great hope.

I don’t like cats, but I like my cat.

Homeland Security,Happy Birthday,Milton Friedman

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