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Tom Rants Default Rantlets: Clinton, Obama,McCain,New Waco

Rantlets: Clinton, Obama,McCain,New Waco

  • “National polls show the Illinois senator hasn’t suffered among Democratic primary voters” from the widespread disclosure of the fact that his spiritual mentor is a racist hatemonger. This should really come as no shock given the Democratic Party’s 145+ year history of association with racist hatemongers.

    Obama May Not Have Fully Contained Damage From Ex-Pastor

  • Hillary Clinton should have promoted Mark Penn instead of accepting his “resignation” as her chief strategist. Guys like Penn were one of the reason that the Bill Clinton administration was successful. More free trade, less Hillarycare and Bill Clinton would have had a legacy much more memorable than stupid cigar tricks.

    Clinton’s Chief Strategist Steps Down

  • Do we really need to see John McCain’s medical records? He’s breathing, he’s walking and as recently as 23 years ago he was doing other things. Do we really want to know if he has a Viagra prescription or the details of his last prostate exam?

    Rice Eyeing Ticket? That’s News to McCain

  • Are the memories of Texas officials really that bad? Is Rick Perry a Janet Reno wannabe? Is another Waco really necessary in the name of protecting young women from…getting married? (And all assuming that the phone call that started it all was not a prank or a setup.) Interesting that the people acting rationally in all this are the horrible, awful people accused of the crime of Abraham and Solomon. If this doesn’t end with innocent children being burned alive, it will be because of the restraint shown by the FLDS under un-American religious persecution and not due to any good sense on the part of Texas officials.

    Women, children taken from West Texas town, search continues

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