Rantlets: Ignorant liberal celebs, the Big Ticket




  • Usher was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He’s apparently written a song about voting because of all the people who’ve sacrificed so much for the right to vote. People like, according to Usher, Rosa Parks. Funny, I didn’t realize it was the bus to a polling place.

    (Before you comment: It’s the incredible ignorance of her role in history that is disrespectful of Ms. Parks. My disrespect is reserved for Usher and other ignorant, holier than thou liberal celebrities.)

  • Everyone’s busy talking about the Obama/Clinton Dream Ticket. Forget it. The Big Ticket does include Hillary Clinton, but it’s going to take a third party/independent movement. The Big Ticket is Clinton/Paul. They won’t have to worry about ballot access either – elections and rules don’t matter – they’re ENTITLED!
  • There’s supposedly a video out there of Michelle Obama that is much worse than any of her previous scandalous remarks. It’s so bad that people who don’t mind her slamming America are going to rush right out and cast an absentee ballot for John McCain. Apparently in the video she’s talking about Barack’s grandmother and refers to her as “whitey”.
  • </sarcasm>

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