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Tom Rants Default Rantlets: It's $250,000 gross, other further thoughts

Rantlets: It's $250,000 gross, other further thoughts

  • Obama spokesmouth Maria Cardona just revealed something interesting about Obama’s claim that it will only be those making over $250,000 a year that have to pay more taxes under his tax plan. For small businesses, it’s $250,000 gross. With typical business margins running in the 10% range and falling, that means the typical sole proprietor making $25,000 a year (half the national average household income) net income will face a tax increase. Obama is not merely hostile to the already rich – he’s hostile to entrepreneurs and poor people who merely hope to be rich and work to achieve it. Of course, his desire to see gas taxes twice as high as they were this summer should have told us that.
  • McCain flubbing the debate. He wasn’t anywhere near the calm, cool and collected guy we’re used to seeing in town hall meetings, on the stump, in past debates, Meeting the Press or regaling a crowd of Manhattan Democrats. My friends, I can tell you why. I’ve figured something out about John McCain. He really believes all the stuff about being honorable. His advisors told him he had to attack Obama on his associations and McCain tried to do, but he was so uncomfortable with it that it threw off his whole game. And thus we end up with him clinging to the only thing he was comfortable with the whole night and turning a valid illustration of what’s wrong with Obama’s plan, Joe the Plumber, into Al Gore’s Lockbox.
  • ACORN spokesmouth’s comments on Cavuto. Mr. ACORN thought it was somehow wrong that “Republicans haven’t spent a cent on voter registration.” Really, not buying votes is a bad thing?
  • Obama’s Brownshirts at it again. The Obama crowd is attacking Joe the Plumber based on his income, the fact that he has a small tax lien and the fact that Joe is his middle name. Their complaint about his income – it’s too low. “Shut up you damn poor person. We want to help you, but we don’t want to hear from you!” Aside from using his middle name, their complaints about him only make it more clear why he is a good example of how the Obama plan hurts average people. What’s more average than having an average income, a normal job, struggling to pay exorbitant taxes and through it all trying to save and build something for the future without a handout from government.

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