Rantlets: "Smart" liberals x2, pandering, bailouts x3

  • I’m wondering why the illiterate, inbred hicks of Arkansas [Note sarcasm] managed not to have a single trampling death in 46 years of Wal-Mart history but the intelligent, elite of Long Island managed to pull off their first within 10 years. Maybe Wal-Mart would be smarter to stay out of New York and let Target have the liabilities associated with that state.
  • In another example of how the elitist snobs aren’t quite as bright as they think they are, some guy at Huffington Post thinks that Republicans were “hoisted on the petard [sic] of their own ‘southern strategy.'” I bet this idiot probably says “drownded,” too. It’s especially ironic to see him write this in a piece accusing Republicans of being “anti-literate” and in the paragraph after he decried the “white no-college-backwoods-and/or-southern McCain/Palin vote.” I guess, it’s nice to know that in the North they have their colleges in the backwoods. That he was educated in a backwoods college at least partly explains his poor use of the English language.
  • On the subject of Wal-Mart, I generally choose from two that are reasonably accessible after work. One of them doesn’t carry Cain’s coffee, but does carry Sam’s Choice “fair trade” coffee and “rainforest” coffee. Before Wal-Mart panders to the 10 fair trade enviro-weenies in Joplin, they ought to take a lesson from George Bush’s 8 years of attempting to pander to the same crowd politically. It doesn’t work. They might also want to ask themselves why they want to pander to a crowd that is so at odds with their core customer base, not just politically but economically/demographically. Wal-Mart selling rainforest fair trade coffee instead of cheap, high quality coffee makes as much sense as the GOP creating the biggest entitlement expansion in 40 years and killing the auto industry with increased steel tariffs – none.
  • Instead of a bailout for the Big Three automakers, how about suspending antitrust laws for them and removing all tariffs on their raw materials? Whether they merge, share technology, use their collective power to bargain better with the unions or just split up the false-patriot-who-cares-about-price-or-quality market so as not to duplicate their efforts, the only people who would pay are the people with a dog in the fight. Since an excess of real competition is their problem there’s no excuse for antitrust laws anyway.
  • Does it strike anyone else as odd that Chrysler stopped being a German company (well, actually became only a 19.9% German company) just in time to be bailed out by US taxpayers?
  • If Congress really wants to do something to help with jobs, instead of spending money to bailout the auto industry, how about helping out industry generally with a permanent exemption from capital gains taxes and taxes on dividends for shares in US companies purchased from now (or maybe January 20, 2009) to the end of 2012? I know Democrats hate tax cuts, but this is one they ought to be able to get behind and there is all kinds of money stacking up in T-bills waiting for a signal from the Democrats that America is still a safe place to invest in private enterprise for the next four years.
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