Reason To Celebrate

Doug Mataconis from Below The Beltway emailed earlier reminding that this the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of Ronald Reagan and the release of American hostages by the Iranian terrorists who now hold the reins of power in that country. He has an excellent post reviewing what Ronald Reagan’s policies and legacy have meant for those 25 years mostly in economic terms. Reagan’s policies also broke the back of the Evil Empire. So, today’s a good day to celebrate.

Reagan may not have achieved everything that he set out to do, but he did achieve something and he did show it was possible to actually reduce the size and scope of government. Now, we just need to find more Republicans who want to take up his banner.

There ought to be a Ronald Reagan Day. Holidays celebrating individuals are the exception, especially Presidents, but I think we ought to have a special celebration of Ronald Reagan. A federal holiday where all federal offices including tax collections close, but private industry remains open; one day a year where every penny anyone earns is exempt from taxation.

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