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Tom Rants Default Redneck Feminist returns

Redneck Feminist returns

Okay, she never left, but the name has returned.

Redneck Feminist: A Free Market Feminist Blog: A New Name: The Final Chapter (unless there’s a sequal)

The decision to return to the name Redneck Feminist is one I’ve given much thought. The previous change to Red’s Rants was not due to pressures of political correctness, but rather due to respect. It’s a fine line, but there is a difference. I still want to show respect for others (except for those I’ve dubbed ‘douche’), but believe I can still do that using the RF name.

Interesting tidbit from that book I’ve been reading about How the Scots Invented the Modern World, the word “redneck” as used in the US originally referred to the Ulster-Scots in Appalachia. It came from a Scots border term meaning – Presbyterian. In either case, it had nothing to do with racism and shouldn’t offend anybody.

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