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Some of the things I find in the referral logs are interesting, some are bizarre and some are downright hilarious.
For example, the referral logs show a lot of the search engine results that lead here. Things like ‘Hillary Clinton “passing gas”‘. (Number 2 result on Google, February 2, 2005).

These pages include a lot of screenshots and comments on these things.

Zeitgeist pages:
Arab sex and Linspire Pirates
My Library Zeitgeist
and the classic
Hillary Clinton Passing Gas
The Rumors of My Death
Election 2008 Zeitgeist

July 2, 2005:

In useless keywords, the site ranked at number 29 for the keyword combination “trackback url”. On the plus side, up to number 1 for “Politics liberty”. Both these on the big one, Google.

June 21, 2005:
Have to start being careful what I say in case the CFR or the Trilateral Commission learn to use Google. This blog is number 3 in a Google search for “Politics world affairs”. (June 20, 2005) Number 1 at Yahoo, so I’m seriously considering checking into a Google free rehab center for 28 days.

Also number 3 in a Google search for “Politics GOP” with the quotes and number 5 or 6 without. (Number 1 is Fox News and number 2 is a subsection of the same Fox News site section.) At Yahoo, the site is number 2, behind only the Republican National Committee’s own site.

Number 3 at Google and number 1 at Yahoo for “Politics federalism” (with or without the quotes).

Number 1 and 2 (1 1/2) at Google and number 2 at Yahoo for “Politics liberty”.

And my election 2008 page is number 4 at Google and number 3 at Yahoo.

I wish these were more lucrative search terms. Well, maybe next election I can w!#re the site out.

MSN backlinks graph:


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