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Tom Rants Default RNC Resolution Honoring Ann Wagner

RNC Resolution Honoring Ann Wagner


WHEREAS, the Members of the Republican National Committee thank Ann Wagner for her dedicated and exemplary service to the Party as Co-Chairman since 2001;

WHEREAS, Ann Wagner has been a tireless advocate for President Bush and the Republican Party serving as Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party and traveling the country in support of the President’s policies;

WHEREAS, as a State Chairman and lifelong Republican grassroots activist, Ann Wagner knows how to win elections at the grassroots level, and traveled to 46 states holding grassroots events everywhere she went, championed the 72 Hour program from the beginning, and led numerous 72 Hour training sessions across the country, including many targeted towards training women activists;

WHEREAS, as Co-Chairman, Ann Wagner realized how important the women’s vote would be in both 2004 and in the years preceding that critical election, and worked to educate, inform and activate women across our nation on behalf of the Republican Party;

WHEREAS, Ann Wagner brought Member Relations into the Co-Chair’s Office and under her leadership, Member Relations maintained a sharp focus on providing customer service to the Members, as Ann Wagner and her staff were responsive to requests and input from Members, held many meetings incorporating new concepts, such as the 2004 Victory Workshop, and represented the interests of the Members at the Republican National Convention;

WHEREAS, Ann Wagner has been a strong advocate of the Members and their needs at the Republican National Committee; and

WHEREAS, Ann Wagner’s contributions to all aspects of the Republican National Committee’s work have strengthened our Party and positioned it to retain our Congressional majorities in 2006 and the White House in 2008; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Members of the Republican National Committee express their deep appreciation to Ann Wagner for her service to the Republican National Committee, and wish her well in her continued service as Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party and in all her future endeavors.

As adopted by the Republican National Committee, January 19, 2005.

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