Score one for the Free Market

Passion Of The Christ DVD Sales Top 4 Million In Single Day

DVD sales of Mel Gibson’s controversial biblical epic, “The Passion of the Christ” topped 4 million in a single day, according to Fox Home Entertainment, the film’s distributor.

Now according to my math this means that a single day of DVD sales for this flick equalled a bit over half the total gross so far of the highest grossing documentary of all time. You know the one. I’m guessing by the end of the week the DVD sales will have surpassed it. And this on top of an existing gross of $600 million at the box office. BTW, why doesn’t this qualify as a documentary? I was under the impression that the fact that some guy with a name something along the lines of Jesus/Yeshua/somethingsimilar was crucified was pretty widely accepted, even by folks who don’t buy things like the miracles and the Resurrection. Oh, wait, I know why…because it was directed by a conservative not a socialist.

Well, score one for the free market.