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I ran across some blog posts on the Skweezer service and had the knee jerk reaction of asking them to pull my content from their site. In retrospect and after talking to the folks who run it, I changed my mind. Skweezer is a service that converts standard HTML web pages (not RSS feeds, btw) into a format that is more easily read by PDAs, cell phones, etc. The big issues that the business bloggers had were: a) it strips Javascript, so things like Adsense ads disappear, b) Skweezer’s free version has a tiny ad at the very bottom of the page content, c) it fouls up statistics, d) duplicate content hurts search engine results e) they were using the content without permission.

Okay, here’s my thought on those: a) doesn’t matter a lot to me because I’m not making moolah here anyway, but the solution is to use ads that aren’t Javascript based. b) To even get to their ad, you have to scroll past every current post, all my links, etc. c) so do Anonymizer, MoreNet and any other proxy. Those are all really, in my view, minor technical issues. d) They didn’t realize was an issue and they sent a letter to Google requesting all their duplicate content be removed and it has.

“e” is the biggy. They shouldn’t have done it without asking first. If they had asked first, a lot of people who are now removing their pages would have wanted their pages included, the same as with Feedburner, Newsgator and a bunch of other services, to make their content available to the widest possible audience. The Skweezer folks are at this point more than aware where they screwed up and their working to fix all the technical issues. As far as the use of content, they will remove your content if you ask. It takes a couple of days.

You can read a post about the service on the new Skweezer blog at Greenlight Wireless.

Bottom line, though, is that I rethought my knee jerk reaction and this site’s content is available to wireless users through the Skweezer site. The WAP plugin I had tried would only return headlines, so if you want to visit this site while you’re out and about..if you just have to read my words on your Sprint PCS phone while on vacation…you can.

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