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Tom Rants Default Smuggling Palestinian Goods Into Israel

Smuggling Palestinian Goods Into Israel


Israeli “crime families” are smuggling goods into Isreal from Palestinian controlled areas. Bombs, explosives, drugs? No. Meat, eggs, fish and livestock.

The total worth of seized smuggled goods originating in Palestinian areas in 2004 was a half-billion shekels.

What’s the best way to take organized crime out of the picture? Well, any economist could tell you that. Make it legal to import dangerous things like meat, eggs, fish and livestock and the profit won’t be sufficient for most of these “import/export dealers.” These criminals are almost certainly taking profits that might otherwise help Israeli consumers by way of lower prices and Palestinian producers by way of higher wholesale prices. A group of people as small as the Israeli’s and Palestinians in such a small piece of relatively resource poor land can’t afford trade barriers.

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