So does Jeb Bush get the credit?

So, the lefties gave George Bush the blame for targeting blacks when he called up Hurricane Katrina with his voodoo metereology and hitting the “gayest beach town in Asia” with his tsunami inducing mental powers.

So, does Governor Jeb Bush get credit for sparing Key West, the “popular international gay (Someone who travels for pleasure) tourist destination,” the Original Gay Destination with its vibrant gay community?

When will the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD be issuing their press releases thanking Jeb?

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said more than 2,000 Florida National Guard troops and dozens of law enforcement officers were ready to deal with the storm’s aftermath, although it appeared the Keys were spared the storm’s full fury.

“I think we did, so far, dodge a bullet,” said Key West Mayor Jimmy Weekley.

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