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Tom Rants Default So how is it that the FAA got it wrong?

So how is it that the FAA got it wrong? – National News

The report says that for two months in the spring of 2001, the FAA’s office of civil aviation held classified briefings for 19 of nation’s largest airports – including Newark, Logan in Boston, and Dulles outside Washington, the departure points for the four hijacked planes. During those briefings, FAA officials discussed the growing threat from bin Laden and a renewed interest in hijackings. In the briefings, security officials noted that a hijacking on U.S. soil would result in a greater number of American hostages but would be more difficult for terrorists to carry out. “We don’t rule it out,” the agency said of a domestic hijacking.

Okay. So the FAA briefed the officials from the specific airports that failed to stop the terrorists on this specific threat and it’s the FAA that failed? Uh, I hate defending large federal bureaucracies, but it looks to me like it was the security people at Logan, Dulles and Newark that failed in spite of the FAA warning them of the threat.

The headline says “FAA warned about al-Qaida”. Okay, this is technically true – the “FAA warned” those three airports about the threat – but without adding “airports” between “warned” and “about” it implies something much different from the truth. More MSM Democrat scandal mongering for lack of any real scandal.

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