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Tom Rants Default So, if Howard Stern talks about this….

So, if Howard Stern talks about this….

Cheney utters F-word in US Senate – World –

So, if Howard Stern talks about this would he be fined $3 milllion?

Amazing how the real story, that the US Senate has again lost it’s F-in mind, gets lost in a sideshow about Halliburton. Cheney gave up millions of dollars working for Halliburton to become VP and doesn’t work there anymore. What part of this is so hard for the little liberal mind to understand. He doesn’t work there anymore. You know what, Ronald Reagan isn’t making movies anymore either.

If “F— off” or “Go F— yourself” was all Cheney said to Leahy, I’m disappointed, because that guy is a bigger A-hole than Adam Clymer and I have it on good authority that he’s a “major league A-hole.”

Meanwhile, the Senate on a vote of 99-to-1 passes yet another McCainesque affront to free speech in the name of “protecting children” (at least those children whose parents can’t find the off switch or the channel selector). To make matters worse, they snuck it in as an amendment to a defense appropriations bill. The lone dissenter was just angry the bill didn’t go far enough in trampling free speech. I’m disappointed, Mr. Breaux was one of the few Democrats I had any remaining respect for.

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