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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default The Fat Guy: Texas Grub

The Fat Guy: Texas Grub

The Fat Guy: Texas Grub
¡¡¡Muy delicioso!!!!

Note Added May 18, 2018: This is one of the early posts that lost its active links (see below). The link is no longer active anyway, because The Fat Guy, Scott Chaffin passed away a few years ago. I would remove the post entirely, but I want to leave this small memory of The Fat Guy here. I knew Scott entirely online, but several of my friends knew him better and he was every bit the standup guy that those of us who only knew him online saw.

(Back in the early days of WordPress, the links were often in the title of the post. As time wore on, those links got erased during updates to newer versions of WordPress.)

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