Tom Rants Default The folks at Blogshares don't understand markets….

The folks at Blogshares don't understand markets….

There’s this interesting game called “Blogshares” that involves a fantasty “market” for stock in blogs. My first inkling that they didn’t understand markets very well was when I noticed a quick way to make money by selling a few shares of a stock which would cause the price to go up after which I could sell a few more shares….Then after doing “leveraged buyouts” on two blogs, I found my Total Portfolio valued over $875,000 with only $622.24 in Cash. I had two more blogs I wanted to do LBOs on. Well, understanding markets I figured I could do LBOs on these two additional blogs, after all I had plenty of collateral. KKR had nothing on me baby. Ehhhh….wrong answer. Apparently you can’t borrow to do a ‘leveraged’ buyout on Blogshares. Oh, well, looks like I’m stuck just shy of being a blog millionaire for a while, but the real question – if a virtual island can sell for $26,500, can I cash in my B$875,000 for some real cash?

BlogShares – Leveraged Buy Out

Leveraged Buyout
You don’t have the B$4,297.40 to perform a leveraged buy out.
RealBlog: Real Estate News

You currently own 1000 shares in RealBlog: Real Estate News.

To perform a leveraged buy out of RealBlog: Real Estate News will cost:
Available shares: 4000 shares x B$1.07 = B$4,280.00
No shares held by other players.
Total Cost: B$4,280.00

Merchants of Debt: Kkr and the Mortgaging of American Business

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