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Tom Rants Default The moonbats at the Post are confused

The moonbats at the Post are confused

More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds (

…the number of women who had sex in the previous three months but did not use birth control rose from 5.2 percent in 1995 to 7.4 percent in 2002. That means that as many as 11 percent of all women are at risk of unintended pregnancy…

Or it could be that 2.2% of women are choosing to become pregnant. Apparently the thought that a woman could choose to have a baby is beyond the “pro-choice” Post.

Of course, it’s not that women want to have babies – it’s all the bad nasty Republicans taking away their medical insurance. Not that condoms have ever been covered by any health plan I know of, which is just a nice segue to this gem…

Jeffrey Jensen, director of the Women’s Health Research Unit at Oregon Health and Science University, said he regularly encounters patients who have trouble affording birth control, even if their private insurance covers it.

“It is absolutely unconscionable that women have a co-pay of $20 or $25 [a month] for contraceptives and men are getting off scot-free,”

Scot free? I only know one form of birth control available to men who have sex (with a partner anyway) and, like I said, insurance doesn’t cover condoms. And wait, I thought the problem was that women didn’t have insurance, so what’s this about copays?

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