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Tom Rants Default The Most Important Senate Race in Years

The Most Important Senate Race in Years

I’m convinced that one of the most important Senate races in years is the Republican primary this year in Georgia. I’ve added a permanent link to the campaign website for Herman Cain. Mr. Cain’s experience includes being CEO of Godfather’s Pizza during their financial turnaround in the mid-80s and election as CEO and President of the National Restaurant Association. He is strongly pro-growth and pro-free markets (sorry for the redundancy).

Here is a portion of Why Herman is Running:

I believe Georgians deserve the freedom to succeed without the heavy hand of government blocking them from fulfilling their potential. They deserve a government that solves problems and encourages entrepreneurship.

I believe that a government should create economic opportunities by fostering a vibrant economy. Freed from cumbersome and ineffective government programs, the American people can choose their own road to success and the entire nation will prosper.

I believe there are times when government works and at those times, it must act quickly, boldly and efficiently. However, as a conservative Republican, I will go to Washington and fight against the ever-advancing tide of big government liberalism that strangles our nation’s economy.

I believe the income tax code must be replaced. Not fixed – replaced. The entire eight million-word mess must be thrown out and replaced with the “Fair Tax.” This will ultimately unleash our nation’s economic potential. People should not be penalized for working hard to get ahead and to give their children a better start in life. As a nation, we will never be able to tax our way into prosperity. People say this can’t be done. I say it must.

Before you spend a dime supporting a RINO in your own district or giving money to the RNC to fritter away, give a thought to contributing to the best candidate in one of the most important Senate races in years.

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