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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default The Remember the Sabbath Rush

The Remember the Sabbath Rush

Jim Tucker has a post that sent me to thinking about my days in the pizza business when I commented often on the irony of what I called the “Remember the Sabbath Rush” that happened just after noon and about 8 PM on Sundays. He also comments on a few other things of interest. Found the link thanks to this post by Dave Friedman.

Dappled Things

And, although I don’t think the government should force any businesses to close on Sundays, I do think it’s a shame that more businesses (especially ones owned by practicing Christians) don’t voluntarily do that. Part of the problem is that Christian consumers create a market demand for Sunday business, and the businesses oblige us.

I know, the Sabbath is actually on Saturday, but Sunday is Christian worship day, the New Testament equivalent. I guess the pizza guy is the Christian equivalent of the Shabbas Goy

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