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The Vice-Presidential Picks

Ah, it’s that time again. It actually takes a real live shooting war to distract the media from speculation about who the Presidential nominees will pick as their running mates. Well, what fun would it be if I didn’t weigh in with my thoughts.

The latest on Obama is that he’s leaning toward Joe Biden or Evan Bayh. Bayh would probably be the smarter move politically (red state Senator, moderate, blah, blah, blah), but Biden is the better choice. Biden is, of course, a liberal and has his moments that make me spin my head and go, “What?!” Still, he’s an intelligent, experienced foreign policy expert. He was one of the two most qualified and generally most sensible of the Democratic candidates for President. Of all Democratic leaders, the only one with a better idea on Iraq a year ago was Joe Lieberman, who supported The Surge.

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And speaking of…the speculation running rampant is that John McCain has it in mind to pick a pro-choice running mate, which is taken as meaning either Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman. (What happened to Rudy Giuliani?) Tom Ridge is simply not impressive enough to the average voter to bring in any votes and even if he were pro-life he’d do nothing to really energize core Republican voters to contribute, volunteer and get out the vote. The available field of conservatives is thin. So thin that Romney is being touted as a conservative, which he clearly is not, at least in terms of any core philosophy or principles. Mark Sanford would be a great choice, but has actually been fairly hostile to the idea. Tom Coburn is right on the money on economics and fiscal policy, but I don’t know if he’ll have time for state funerals with all the time he spends worrying over things like rampant lesbianism in Oklahoma high schools. Frankly, as a conservative, rather than a flashy pseudo-conservative with the lifespan to run for President later or a milquetoast with no chance to win the Presidency himself, I’d prefer McCain select someone who is experienced and tough as nails on foreign policy as the potential to replace him as Commander in Chief if necessary, even if that is a liberal. Yes, the Lieberman play isn’t going to cost McCain my vote. In fact, it would just prove McCain’s guts and brains. It’s also one of two moves (the other being the Palin/Whitman/Rice gambit) that would deal Obama an early knockout.

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