Theocracy is coming!

Those Christians are at it again, trying to pull one over on us and turn the USA into a theocracy. This is horrible. People letting their faith influence their politics.

San Bernardino County Sun – News reports

“We are appalled that Governor Schwarzenegger, who as our state’s chief magistrate is pledged to maintain the rule of law, has chosen instead to praise a group of vigilantes who operate outside the law, saying they’ve done a terrific job in patrolling the border with Mexico,’ the California Council of Churches and Pomona-based Progressive Christians Uniting wrote in a strongly worded letter to the governor.

(FWIW, I think Ahnuld the Austrian went overboard with his ‘seal the border’ crap, but the Minutemen weren’t “vigilantes” any more than any Neighborhood Watch. There wasn’t a single case of them acting as vigilantes. OTOH, the idea of vigilantism, that citizens band together for protection when police aren’t immediately available, isn’t bad in itself, it’s just easily abused.)

Heard about this briefly on Rush Limbaugh’s show.

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