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Tom Rants Default Those "blue states" really ought to look in the mirror

Those "blue states" really ought to look in the mirror

Civil Banter: Democracy Isn’t Pop Culture

Well, based on the tenor of the conversation and the key phrases they used in their argument, I very quickly realized what I was up against. Here’s someone who likes to describe our country with defamatory adjectives like: shallow, smug, cruel, selfish, and ________ (fill in the blank with your favorite). You know who they are. They talk like America is the true evil in the world. We can’t do anything right. We behave as though we’re better than everyone else, we refuse to accept cultural differences, and we afflict our ideology on others through the uncivilized use of force.

Isn’t it ironic that all the adjectives – “shallow, smug, cruel, selfish, and ______” – seem to apply most to the most liberal areas of the country. Smug – “How can 58 million people be so stupid?” Cruel and selfish – we can’t ban partial birth abortion because it might hurt the “mental health” of women. Shallow – “I don’t know anything about John Kerry except he isn’t George Bush. Do you like my dress, Star? Meredith? Barbara?”

The people who complain loudest about those things are the smug, self-indulgent, selfish, cruel, shallow, valueless liberals of the media elite.

On the other hand those of us in the red states feed the poor by actually feeding them and sometimes we do better – giving them jobs. We teach our kids that people matter and it’s wrong to be smug and self-indulgent. When women find themselves unmarried, alone and pregnant, instead of immediately suggesting aborting the “fetus” we ask how we can help them with the baby or, if they think it’s best, if we can help them find parents who would adopt the baby. In spite of the excesses of the cultures of the coasts we don’t complain about our countries values; instead, we still believe our country has the best system and some of the best people in the world.

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