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The more I read about the Terri Schiavo case, the more some things smell fishy, but the less I think that the fishiness comes from her husband. The court system seems broken, the attorney’s seem corrupt on one side and inept on the other. I’m inclined at this point to think that Mr. Schiavo genuinely believed stopping tube feeding was the right thing to do and a lot of his seeming unsympathetic, unfeeling, etc. has been a response to the family quarrels and to having so much publicity on such a heartwrenching decision. Anyone in that situation deserves sympathy, even if their decision doesn’t seem like the one we would have made. I amended one previous post because I thought that bore saying. I just wanted to repeat it since I’m about to post a rather lengthy bit on my own experience trying to prepare my own “health care choices directive” and I think that system, as it stands, is not the solution to preventing disputes that many seem to think it is. I can’t help but be influenced by thoughts from the Schiavo tragedy and thoughts of what would happen in a similar situation with a spouse who really wasn’t pure of motive.

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