Time for a new Tea Party?

Grumbling Eric thinks It’s Time for a new Tea Party like the one thrown in Boston 230 years ago and he has a plan. The only thing I’d add, just to be clear, is that “where you take issue with their actions” should be “where their actions have diminished our liberty.” [Sorry, but in the three years since this was posted, Grumbling Eric has taken advantage of the links he inspired to juice up a gambling site – so, nothing to see there anymore and no more link to Grumbling Eric.]

Update: New idea…I have this letter from the Republican National Committee asking me for a donation and this yellow Business Reply Envelope I’ve been wondering what to do with. (You know, put it in the box to start fires this winter, throw it away, tear it up and flush it like a Koran.) Now I have an idea…where’s the English Teatime…

Here’s how to do it. Write your Senators and Representatives a letter, with details of where you take issue with their actions. A physical letter, not an email. Then tuck a tea bag into the letter. Send it to the local office, not the DC office. If you send it to DC, they will probably never receive the tea bag due to the postal security around Congress. In the next day or two I’m going to have put together a way for everyone doing it to let me know who they’ve sent tea bags to, and why.

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