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Tom Rants Default Time for truth in advertising: Change the name of the "Democratic" Party

Time for truth in advertising: Change the name of the "Democratic" Party

Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | Blow for Kerry as Nader wins Florida battle

The decision came after weeks of legal tussling as Democrats sought to prevent Nader from standing in Florida as the Reform Party candidate. However, the state’s Supreme Court voted six to one to allow him to participate.

Thwart the will of the people with courts that overturn laws with broad backing. Try to prevent nationally known third party candidates from even having a chance to be on the ballot. Oppose the effort to bring democracy to the Middle East on various days claiming Muslims can’t handle democracy (Turkey?), they don’t deserve democracy or it’s just not worth the cost to bring them democracy (a fraction of the cost spent bringing it to the Germans). What part of any of these actions is “Democratic”?

For the sake of truth-in-advertising, for the sake of Democracy in the world and for the sake of our Republic in particular, it’s time they change their name to something more truthful like, say, Socialist Party. No, that’s an insult to the likes of Tony Blair. Make it the Thug Power Party.

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