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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default Time out for a brief commercial interruption

Time out for a brief commercial interruption

Since you so enjoy your time spent browsing my musings, dear reader, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the opportunity to make me a few cents, potentially earn a few cents for yourself at the same time and take a small step to free yourself from the shackles of fiat money and inflation. Take note of the banner above for e-Gold, click on it and go sign up for an account. If you never add to it, it won’t cost you a penny and indeed I’m about to tell you how to fill your account with e-Gold for almost no effort.

Okay, now you have your e-Gold account. Now you’d no doubt like to actually own some of this ethereal but still precious mineral wealth? Okay. Take a trip to the Gomez website (banner below), download the “Gomez Peer” and let it run on your computer while you sleep. It’s pennies a day, but they’re e-Gold pennies.

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