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“President Bush nominated his Sudan peace envoy, John Danforth, as the new U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, the White House said on Friday in a statement.”

Interesting choice. Danforth was Missouri Attorney General immediately before John Ashcroft held that post. Ashcroft also ran for, and won, Danforth’s US Senate seat when he retired.

Danforth is more moderate than Ashcroft, but a Missouri moderate Republican isn’t the same thing as a Pennsylvia moderate or even an Arizona conservative. Danforth’s blue blood won’t hurt when dealing with the arrogance of the United Nations.

I’m kind of disappointed though. I thought the bold and interesting pick for UN Ambassador would have been a certain Mr. Clinton, formerly of Arkansas. Aside from tax cuts (which are certainly great things) I have pretty much given up on bold and interesting things from the Bush administration. I certainly still support Bush, but I’m no longer excited by the administration, as almost every move has been predictable and mostly predictable moderate

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