Trust but Verify

Hamas will “decide to halt armed resistance” if Israel withdraws from the West Bank. That’s actually an improvement over the position of Fatah, which insisted on a “right of return” for Palestinians that would have further worsened the demographic threat to the Jewish state’s continued existence. If we can take him at his word, which is hard to do after years of Yasser Arafat talking out of both sides of his mouth, and if there wasn’t more to the interview than is being reported, then the head of this group so much more radical than the socialist terrorists of Fatah may have just delivered the biggest single Palestinian concession toward peace in years. Time will tell, but there’s certainly enough to be worth considering a “trust but verify” approach.

‘If Israel recognizes our rights and pledges to withdraw from all occupied lands, Hamas, and the Palestinian people together with it, will decide to halt armed resistance,’ the radical Islamist group’s supremo Khaled Meshaal said.

Hamas will end armed struggle if Israel quits territories – leader –

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